Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Apologies and some news

First off I must apologize for neglecting this blog for a while. Over the past couple of months I have been going through a bit of a professional transition that has left me rather occupied and distracted. I will however make the effort to begin posting weekly once more and perhaps more often should time permit.

On to the second agenda item is a bit of news. As one may have found out from either linkedIn or a response to a blog comment I left a couple days ago, I am no longer working at Trustyd. It is a sad and unfortunate turn of events that lead to this point, but I have been away from that particular organization since sometime in April. If you see this and do have any questions for me about this, or wish for advice as someone who has a deep knowledge of the product, feel free to contact me via email (koch.ryan@gmail.com).

In any event I hope to return to the regular scheduled posting here within the next day or so. I will try to think of a riveting topic for all of you to enjoy!


  1. Hi Ryan,

    I remember interacting with you while you were at Trustyd (3X) for technical support. I really liked the technical blogs you started creating.

    It now appears that Trustyd has ceased operations. I bet you probably saw this coming. Any recommendations on how we should proceed with our Trustyd backup appliance?

    1. Hey Jeff,

      Well that can be a bit of a tricky situation depending on what's going on over at Trustyd. I can certainly attempt to answer any basic questions you have going along into the future. I also am able to assist as a consultant should you require any serious maintenance. Feel free to toss me a line at ryan.koch@rktechsolutions.com if that is the case.

      As far as the long term goes depends on how old your appliance is. If it's a fairly new one you'll likely be able to get a few years out of it before it's EOL. If it's older you may need to start considering switching to another solution.