Saturday, January 18, 2014

Glass Sommelier Part 2

Hello again guys, I come bearing a slight bit of news on my first Glass project. I've finished version 0.1 of Glass Sommelier and while it's rather basic it has taught me a bit about how native Glass development works. Right now the application has the following functionality:

  1. Search for wines (made a bit more intelligent with your location built in)
  2. Add a maximum price to your search by using the phrase 'under (number) dollars'
  3. Return a list of wines descending in rating
  4. Save wines to your timeline

Eventually I want to integrate some other ways to save and share the wine you wish to enjoy. For now though I figure it's time to release the bare bones version and let people play with it. If you are a fellow Glass Explorer and would like to play with my app you can get the APK here.  Feel free to ping me if you have any thoughts, questions, or really anything else. Be gentle though as like I said this is my first little experiment screwing around.

I'm hoping to start working on another fun project soon. Once I get a bit further in my coding for that I'll share some details. For now, here are some Glass Sommelier vignettes.