Thursday, November 29, 2012

Analytics in Columbus?

I read something rather interesting in the paper this morning. It would seem that IBM is putting a new analytics center right in my backyard here in Columbus Ohio. This is big news for the city as it's supposed to bring in around 500 new tech jobs as well add credibility to the region as a tech center. Data/Business Analytics is a fascinating field, and is certainly worth a gander as it represents something significant for the future of the technology sector.

You see right now all the talk is about 'big data' and how it is stored, where it is served from, how its collected. But the lingering question that a lot of companies are now answering is 'what do you do with it once it's there?'. Companies such as IBM are taking this data boiling it down and using it to formulate strategies, see patterns of behavior that might be uncouth, and where consumer interest is going. This trend has caused a new type of IT job to exist that is an interesting mix of both technological, and business savvy.

What all of this means for those of us here in the Midwest is that its a step toward breaking the assumption that all of the IT talent is on either the east or west coast of the US. So all in all this should be a positive sign for the economy here, plus I must add it will be interesting to see the sort of talent that Ohio State is able to churn out for this field. To that end the Fisher College is opening up a new Graduate program for it, and the college itself is looking into something in the undergrad arena.

There should be some interesting times ahead for the Tech sector in Columbus.

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