Friday, July 20, 2012

Backup Essentials: A 4 part series

As many of you aware one of the topics I fancy writing about is backup and recovery. To appease that desire I've decided to write a 4 part set on what's involved in planning, picking and implementing a backup solution. While you've seen this talked about over and over again, we're at it here because it is truly important. Data loss and downtime is the same as tossing cash out the window, and most businesses can't afford it. Besides let's face it, now matter how well your infrastructure runs, Moore's law will eventually strike and it's best to be prepared.

The series starts with this introduction, an outline of what we'll be trying to accomplish. For our walk-through we will use the example of a company made up of 10 employees. Our goal will be to come up with a backup strategy to propose to this 'company', once they've accepted begin implementation, and then finish off by conducting some testing and concluding on its effectiveness. Our scenario will also involve two separate customer sites, and with machines ranging from standard Windows 7 desktops to an Exchange server and a SQL server.

Check back for the next part where we begin the planning phase. In the mean time I need to finish building up the test environment to use as screenshot materials. This should an interesting set of articles and hopefully will help some of you out there in the course of your careers.

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